Greek IKMF


seminario paroysiasis ikmf stin ellada 4 2 2006

IKMF Greece started on Saturday February 4th 2006 in New Heraklion Athens. There, the magazine “Path for Martial Arts” had organized an open introductory seminar for Krav Maga, with Avi Moyal who at the time was the head technical instructor and currently he is the president of IKMF

The response for the newly-come self defense system in Greece (in its original form and straight from the source) was phenomenal. Thus it did not take long for the first Civil Instructors Course to be organized, which lasted from April 1st 2006 until September 24th 2006.

Since then there are 4 things that characterize IKMF Greece:

  1. Its total dedication to the spirit of self defense for everybody, away from military oriented prototypes.
  2. The continuous, serious and strenuous training of its instructors and students in a monthly basis, exclusively from high ranking officials of IKMF and members of the Global Instructor Team (GIT)
  3. Its professional, team oriented and cooperated manner of operations
  4. Its rapid advancements in every sector that it is active.

As a result of the above we have up to now the organization of 8 Civil Instructor Courses (CIC), over 20 VIP Protection Courses, many other specialized schools such as law enforcements, VIP Protection Gold Shield, Sea Marshal etc, as well as specialized schools for IKMF instructors such as Children’s instructor, Women’s instructor, Combat fighting instructor etc.

Furthermore, during the years that IKMF Greece is active there have taken place dozens of 3hour long open seminars (for IKMF students, people who practice another martial art system and for people with no past experience in martial arts) with subjects such as Home invasion, common objects for usage in self defense, dirty fighting, self defense in pistol, knife and stick, self defense for women and children, 3rd party protection, self defense inside a car and in a bus, close quarters battle, self defense in nature, and many others as well as many and continuous seminars upon the testing material for all the levels, exclusively for instructors. Finally 3 P- Camps in Loutraki were organized, and they turned to be a necessary prerequisite at the end of every training season but also a way to start in a pleasant way the summer season for all the IKMF members and friends.

Finally in November 2012, the 2nd European Director’s Meeting took place in Civitel Attik Hotel in Marousi Athens, where the directors from all over Europe met under the guidance of Avi Moyal, in order to discuss the present and the future of IKMF in their countries. During the meeting the European Directors had the opportunity to take part and witness one of the greatest worldwide records of IKMF Greece, when they were called to examine over 400 Greek students of all levels.

Continuing the team oriented and serious job IKMF Greece is an important part of IKMF, and with the help and cooperation of its instructors, students and friends is walking forward to the future, facing continuously new challenges on its way but also achieving higher goals.