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Customized Krav-Maga Introduction

There are sections of Krav-Maga training that do not fall completely into any of the four categories above. By the demand of certain organizations, the IKMF designed specific Customized Krav-Maga training programs. These organizations usually find that their needs fall outside the standard Krav-Maga training programs, usually because of their unique circumstances.

The different sections take elements from the four categories above, to better suit the needs for the specific environment.

Vehicle Krav-Maga

This form of Krav-Maga trains the driver to use the situation for his own benefits: this means a lot of handwork and using the vehicle to his advantage. This mostly due to the small space and the legs confinement.

Examples of techniques:

  • Premeditated collision.
  • Quick evacuation from the vehicle.
  • Fighting in very closed quarters.
Sea Marshal

Like the Air Marshal, the Sea Marshal has to act alone in a closed perimeter. However, he has to deal with threats from outside the craft when docking, he must protect the passengers from each other and from terrorist threats, and he may use firearms. A Sea Marshal's job is psychologically very taxing – he and his crew must work alone (with no backup) and away from civilization for long period of times.

The main factor that influences the techniques for Air Marshal Security is the airplane's shape and environment – a narrow, tube shaped space. Krav-Maga is very useful in this situation, especially since using firearms on an aircraft is very dangerous and should be used only as a last resort.

Examples of techniques:

  • Using the aircraft's seats to aid the Air Marshal.
  • Rescue and hostage situation.