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Close Protection Course (VIP)

VIP Protection Bodyguard Course

VIP Protection Bodyguard Course

As crime and criminals get more and more sophisticated they, more often than ever, go after business-men, political figures, movie stars, companies & firms; executives and other Very Important People. The criminals' objective can be to get ransom, change political balance, rob, make a name for themselves, get revenge or other reasons that can result in the injury or death of the VIP.

Today, more than ever before, the professional VIP Protector is needed to ensure the safety of those under threat anywhere on the globe. The Israeli Defense Forces have the reputation & the experience of training special units, from Commando to SWAT, from Anti Terrorists to VIP Protection.

The International Krav-Maga Federation and School in a joint venture with some of Israel's most experienced security consultants & instructors, created the International Institute of Anti Terror & Close Protection. The first branch of the "Institute" started to operate in Poland, together with IKMF-Poland.

Our International Levels of the V.I.P. Protection Officer are :

Our International Levels of the V.I.P. Protection Officer are :

  • Bronze Shield
  • Silver Shield
  • Gold Shield
  • Platinum Shield

In this framework we give a high level education in the field of VIP Security and Close Protection.

You will be instructed by a team of the highest quality and level to ensure an experience you'll never forget, a course you couldn't get anywhere else.

Specific credentials and recommendations are needed in order to participate. 
Contact us for details & requirements

More Information

Here you are abel to find basic info about the content of the first section of training. Each section has its basic, advance and reppetition segments. Below is the curriculum of the first part of the course, at minimum of 10 days of training. it covers the material needed for Silver Shield.

Lectures Contents

  • V.I.P. protection. General purposes, background and goals
  • Documentary film(s) (assassinations and attempts), followed by a short discussion and brainstorming about the actual event(s)
  • Procedures principles Behavior of the officer
  • Securing an installation, Basic simulations
  • Equipment and gear; First aid; Emergency response
  • Manners and behavior as the foundations to employment
  • Summary and forward to the advanced section of the course

Entry test

  • Fitness, stamina and power test
  • Coordination, learning speed, capability and comprehension test



  • Basic attacks
  • Counterattacks
  • Attacks with firearm as a blunt object
  • Interchanging between firearms and basic KM techniques
  • Attacks when a third party is involved

Defending oneself:

  • Against basic attacks (1)
  • Against dangerous grabs (1)
  • Armed assault(1)
  • Armed threats (1)
  • Moving the VIP (1)

Defending the VIP against:

  • Basic attack or grab (1)
  • Knife attack (1)
  • Knife threat (1)
  • Pistol threat (1)

Dealing with different incidents when VIP is:

  • Near or inside a car
  • In a confined area (room, corridor)
  • Among crowd
  • Mental Training and Preparation
  • Aggression, Determination
  • Courage. Overcoming or ignoring danger in order to defend others

Firearms (the introductory course include 5 session with firearms)

  • Dry drill (1) - safety and security in training and in routine, carrying a firearm, general behavior and more A session with the firearm includes a segment of 2 hours dry drill and 2-4 hours live fire. The goal to reach is training with a VIP in a shooting range in static situations:
  • Session 1 - Holding the pistol and shooting with one hand
  • Session 2 - Enhancing abilities and the draw and shooting with 2 hands
  • Session 3 - Enhancing abilities and turning
  • Session 4 - Enhancing abilities and working with a VIP
  • Session 5 - Simulations and summerizing drills

Note - The program depends on the level of participants, a shift in emphasis may be done as needed accordingly

Diploma for successful completion will be titled for this part
Logistics Prices and Equipment

Relevant info will be given upon request and need to know basis.